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Website Revamp!

Hello again to all of my lovely followers. I've been busy working away at many changes to my website! I'm excited to announce that the official website domain will now be called "ShellyPageEntertainment" rather than "ShellyPageMusic". Yes, it's definitely still the place to come for updates on my mainstream music, but it will also be the place for so much more! You can now find my Revibify music, meditations, and courses, my Live Wedding Painting booking information, Adult Coloring Books featuring ports around the world, Access "Vivid Vintages" a Luxury Wine Experience, check out my children's songs and books with Happy Mermaid Learning, and read about amazing people in the Entertainment industry RIGHT HERE in this Entertainment News Blog. I have so much going on that I can't keep my head straight, but I'm so happy to finally have everything in one place under one roof. Please grant me some patience as I get things up and running, and thank you SO MUCH for coming along for the ride. #ShellyPageEntertainment #EntertainmentBlog

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