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Live Wedding Painting

Thank you for your interest in hiring me to do a Live Wedding Painting or Custom Wedding Portrait for your special day. My style is impressionistic realism. Pricing is determined by:

  • Size of canvas

  • How many recognizable people you wish to include

  • Whether you're looking for a live wedding or custom studio painting

  • Flights and Hotel (if applicable)


I love painting weddings all over the world, and it's important to note that the cost for travel (flights and hotel) will also be added to the price. 

After reading through my pricing options, please send a quote inquiry. Once you feel confident to move forward with your live wedding painting, I'd love to schedule a call so that we can discuss details and expectations further. I can't wait to help you plan this special event!


Prices generally begin from $2,000 for an 18"x24" canvas size and only the bride and groom's faces in detail.


Due to the many factors involved (canvas size, number of recognizable faces, time constraints, travel, potential shipping costs vs finishing at the venue, etc.) We will need to discuss details before a final price is set. Thank you for your understanding!

Examples of Work

My style is "Impressionistic Realism". This is what I found to be the best way for me to capture the magic of the moment, while "speed painting".


We can discuss if you want the painting to be complete and ready to walk away with, or if you will allow for studio details to be added. This will depend on the time available and details required for the painting.

Laura Wedding Painting.heic

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Let's schedule a time to chat about your vision and how we can make it happen!

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