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"At Sea" Is Almost Here!

So much has happened since my last update, but what's different about that? lol. I'm ready to release my second single and I can't wait. I wrote this song a few years ago when I injured my voice and thought I may never be able to

return to my life at sea. It's about trying to adjust to land, but missing my ship family and life. I realized that after a year like 2020, so many of my ship friends can relate! We didn't want to hang up our sailor hats, but yet again, fate had other plans. Fortunately for me, my voice recovered and once again I found myself back at sea and enjoying the things I missed so dearly. I know that the rest of the cruise community will be able to say the same soon and so I dedicate this song to those ready to go back, and those who never will. Thanks for the support as usual and don't forget to help me out by pre-saving and sharing. Cheers!

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