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2022! What's Coming?

Hello everyone! It's now 2022 (where has the time gone?) and it's time for an update! I've been working away on my newest single, tentatively titled, "Good Morning Good Feelings". This is a unique single for me, because up to this point, I've been producing the entire thing myself! It's taking longer than if I were to hire someone with more experience like I did for "At Sea" and "Amsterdam", but it's been a very fun and fulfilling challenge. If I can produce a quality song on my own, nothing can stop me from cranking the music out at record speed! The verdict will still be out to see whether or not I can pull it off, but I'm excited to try.

In other news, I've returned to working on Holland America Line! I'm not singing onboard, but get to plan much of the entertainment for the guests and I am so happy to be back out to sea whichever way I can! I'm also in the process of mixing the Italian version of my latest kids song "My Imagination!" for my Children's Music and Books project "Happy Mermaid Learning". Keeping busy as usual on the creation side, and feeling excited for the time when I get to share it with everyone. Hope 2022 is going well for everyone, and I'll be sure to do another update soon!

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